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July 14, 2024 12:37 am

Leia Inc. Unveils the Next Generation of 3D Displays to Democratize Access to the Metaverse

Partners with Continental to Make Automotive the Next Mobile Frontier

Leia Inc., the leading 3D experience platform leveraging proprietary nanotechnology and AI to democratize the Metaverse, today unveiled its next generation of 3D Lightfield displays, which offer a “window like” view into the Metaverse and will connect more people, faster. The Metaverse will be one of the most transformative innovations of our generation, connecting and even crossing boundaries between our digital and physical worlds.

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The power and potential of the Metaverse can only be unlocked when everyone can access it — this is why Leia exists.

Showcased in a 15.6″ monitor at the Display Week Conference in San Jose, all Leia devices share the ability to switch between full-resolution 2D and 3D Lightfield. The 15.6″ operates in 2D at 120Hz in 4K, which supports traditional 2D uses like gaming, and switches to a 12-view Lightfield display when prompted by the app. The 3D parameters of the display respond to head-tracking, with a high refresh rate, and a rapid camera that works seamlessly with the SDK to update individual pixels on and with the monitor; the result is a deep sense of immersion and clarity — similar to how humans see things in the real world — while remaining comfortable for the naked eye.

The Continental Automotives Infotainment/Cluster system is also being shown, featuring a passive 8view Lightfield display driven by the Qualcomm SnapDragon 8155 chipset. The three-dimensional navigation solution for vehicle cockpits brings more intuitive interactions between driver and vehicle, thus enhancing driver safety. Leia’s 12.3″  switchable 3D Lightfield display developed with Continental is the first product ready for mass production. It comes in a flat or curved form factor to enable both traditional and modern cockpit designs.

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“The beauty of 3D Lightfield is it enables a naturally immersive viewing experience on any display-based product from mobile phones to vehicle cockpits,” said David Fattal, CEO of Leia Inc. “Leia’s production facility is now fully certified automotive grade and we’re working with leading companies across several industries to integrate 3D Lightfield displays into existing product lines. The power and potential of the Metaverse can only be unlocked when everyone can access it. Making this accessible to consumers everywhere is why Leia exists.”

“At Continental we’re always looking for ways to enhance driver and passenger safety and comfort – and 3D navigation shown on the automotive Lightfield display creates both an intuitive user experience and can contribute to driving safety,” said Jan Hermes, Senior Expert Advanced Graphics.

Leia is the first company whose software and nanotechnology screen underlay makes the  Metaverse and 3D experiences instantly accessible to anyone on any device at scale — quickly and cost effectively, without any changes to other existing technologies, engineering or programming.

Leia’s software platform incorporates a suite of tools enabling content creation and conversion from leading real time 3D engines Unity and Unreal Engine. Along with proprietary AI to convert any 2D picture or video to 3D in real time, creating an infinite content ecosystem.

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