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June 16, 2024 9:00 am

Table Tents Aren’t Just For Tables Anymore: SpotMenus Now Supports Digital Product Features on Mobile Devices

Digital Product Features Enable Supplier Brands to Influence Purchase Behavior through Digital Displays Within Mobile Menu Options

BrandMuscle announced that Digital Product Features is now available on its SpotMenus platform. Digital Product Features is a solution that enables supplier brands to influence the purchasing behavior of restaurant guests while they’re browsing a digital menu on their mobile devices. Similar to other point-of-sale advertising like table tents, Digital Product Features can be used to encourage guests to try new products, highlight food and drink specials, drive web traffic, and create local brand awareness.

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As restaurants embrace the shift toward digital and QR code menus, suppliers need new ways to engage customers at the point of purchase. With SpotMenus Digital Product Features, suppliers can repurpose existing creative, such as table tents, posters, and menu inserts, or leverage BrandMuscle templates to create new advertisements. Best of all, distributor reps can distribute Digital Product Features using the same familiar process they use in Instant Impact. As guests browse through an establishment’s digital menu, suppliers’ ads will appear and delight customers with compelling menu options they may not have otherwise considered. Or, the ads can serve to promote giveaways, events, and special deals. The solution complements print point-of-sale advertising for a holistic approach to meeting consumers at multiple touchpoints.

One of the leading alcohol supplier brands and four out of the top five alcohol distributor brands in the United States are already leveraging Digital Product Features. “Moët Hennessy USA is thrilled to partner with BrandMuscle and utilize SpotMenus for our On-Premise channel,” said Moet Hennessy Trade Marketing. “As we continue crafting unique experiences for our customers during these ever-evolving times, SpotMenus will feature our quarterly brand priorities on their cocktail menus to help people select the perfect pairing for any occasion. SpotMenus is user-friendly for both guests and participating bars and restaurants across the country and links directly with accounts on menu offerings via QR codes for contactless purchasing. We are delighted to bring this digital activation to life and look forward to this continued partnership.”

Digital Product Features’ other key benefit is the way it allows suppliers to access robust analytics about the reach and effectiveness of their ads. Unlike traditional print point-of-sale materials, Digital Product Features empower suppliers to see detailed impression data by market, brand, account, and location. This capability bridges a critical gap in understanding the impact of point-of-sale marketing materials, enabling suppliers to easily analyze where to invest more in marketing and where to adjust messaging. Digitizing traditional point-of-sale materials also allows for greater flexibility in switching out ad content that isn’t resonating, and rotating different offers to promote seasonal specials and time-sensitive campaigns.

“Our goal is to optimize the digital menu experience for all stakeholders,” said Ravi Patel, Senior Director, Product Management Marketing at BrandMuscle. “SpotMenus Digital Product Features is an opportunity for suppliers to promote their brands, distributors to drive more sales volume, and restaurants to engage their guests with helpful content. Now that many aspects of the dining experience are being digitized, point-of-sale marketing must also transition to meet evolving consumer expectations.”

SpotMenus has powered digital transformation at thousands of restaurants and bars over the past year, and the introduction of Digital Product Features enables brands to capitalize on the opportunity to reach the more than one million users per week who scan SpotMenus QR codes.

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